Sustainable impact and stable returns through infrastructure investments

The sustainable development of our society and economy crucially depends on infrastructure for clean transport solutions, renewable energy and ecologically sound waste disposal.

Since launching the first infrastructure solution in 2012, Reichmuth & Co Investment Management AG has provided investors with access to sustainable infrastructure investments with regular cash flows and stable returns in the Swiss and European transport and utilities sectors.

As a specialised infrastructure manager, Reichmuth & Co Investment Management AG currently manages assets of over CHF 1.8 billion across three diversified infrastructure funds, several infrastructure mandates and direct investments in the rail and aviation industries. As well as boosting the expansion and development of key infrastructure, our investments in renewable energy and sustainable transport infrastructure contribute to the energy transition and the decarbonisation of the economy.


Investing in clean transport solutions

The transition to greener and smarter mobility will deliver a sustainable transport system. There is a significant need for modernisation and expansion, whether in freight and passenger rail transport, the conversion of shipping and air transport to sustainable fuels or the decarbonisation of road transport.

Investing in renewable energy

The Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 and the European Union’s Green Deal focus on a massive expansion of renewable energy sources. Huge investments in infrastructure are required along the entire energy value chain – from the production and storage to the distribution of electricity.

Investing in ecologically sound waste disposal

Economic prosperity in Europe is driving up the amount of waste produced every year. Sustainable disposal requires extensive investments in sorting and recycling facilities as well as production plants that recycle waste for electricity or heat generation.


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