As we invest for the long term, we at Reichmuth & Co favour investments which pursue not only economic but also ecological and social goals. We take strict environmental, social and governance criteria into account when making investment decisions. This is not only sensible from a social and ecological perspective, but also unlocks the door to stable returns through bypassing risks associated with unsustainable actions.

ESG criteria are included in all investment decisions

In line with the UN “Principles for Responsible Investment”, we have set ourselves the goal of avoiding ESG risks, in particular climate risks (physical and transitory), whatever the asset class we invest in.

Reichmuth Privatbankiers St Gallen Schweiz

Sustainability criteria for the entire infrastructure portfolio

Our sustainability requirements apply to the entire infrastructure portfolio. Their impact and the measures taken by Reichmuth & Co may vary within the portfolio.

Investments in transparent companies and entities

We require from all the companies we invest in to disclose their compliance with ESG principles. We thus actively promote transparent and sustainable business practices.