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Over the past 20 years, technology corporations have become the most powerful companies in the world, disrupting diverse industries. Even in crises like the Corona pandemic, their business models showed a high degree of resilience, which enabled them to further expand their dominance. But which are the new, future shooting stars? And what opportunities does technological diversity offer?

Watch the video below to learn more about our Leading Niche Technologies portfolio approach and we look forward to exciting discussions with you.

Video: Leading Niche Technologies (only available in German)

Leading Niche Technologies Reporting 2nd Half Year 2022

Valuation correction and challenges due to the changed macroeconomic environment continued to dominate in H2 2022. Accordingly, our portfolio manager, Christian De Falco, addressed the extent to which a potential recession may affect the short-term fundamentals of companies, the extent to which companies are affected by the paradigm shift in capital allocation, and the investment theses and business models are intact.

Video: Leading Niche Technologies Reporting 2nd Half Year 2022 (only available in German)

Leading Niche Technologies Reporting 1st half-year 2022

Growth companies were in a significant correction in H1 2022. The current market environment is comparable to the Corona crash in March 2020 or even the financial crisis and internet bubble in 2000. Our Portfolio Manager, Christian De Falco, discusses the current environment, the portfolio, the changing paradigm towards cash flow positive growth, growth efficiency as well as the fundamental development of the companies in the video below.

Leading Niche Technologies Year-end reporting 2021

The market environment for growth companies was extremely challenging in 2021. Our Portfolio Manager, Christian De Falco, discusses the portfolio’s performance, the issue of inflation in technology companies, the relevance of exponential growth and the opportunities in the Metaverse in the video below.


Christian De Falco



Is your estate in order?

Taking the initiative and being proactive in life comes naturally to us. The same should apply to your estate. If you do not arrange matters, the law will handle your estate, leading to results that often do not correspond to your wishes as the testator.

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Video Market Outlook 1st Quarter 2023

The year 2022 was characterized by high inflation, rising interest rates and thus weak stock and bond markets. Meanwhile, equity valuations are more favorable, bonds are again yielding positive returns, and inflation is falling.

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Market outlook 2023 – «Interregnum 2.0»

Recording of our “market outlook 2023”

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