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Invest in the technology leaders of the digital age 2.0: What business models with exponential growth and disruptive character will be part of an innovative digital economy?

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The three industrial revolutions

All industrial revolutions had one thing in common: they led to an economic upswing. Leading Niche Technologies invests with a focus on the technological leaders of the future.

Machine Age

The first industrial revolution took place in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Mechanical production machines and steam power replaced human labor. A well-known example is the spinning machine used in textile production.


The second industrial revolution started in the second half of the 19th century. It was characterized by new technologies such as electrification, the internal combustion engine, and mass production. A well-known example is Henry Ford.

Digital Age 1.0

The third industrial revolution is also referred to as the digital revolution and began in the 1970s. This era brought about the digitization of industry and society, including the emergence of technologies such as computers, robotics, and the internet. The largest companies in the world today were created during this time.

Digital age 2.0

In recent years, many new foundational technologies from the digital age 1.0 have been able to reach maturity and now form the basis for a decades-long cycle of innovation. New business models will disrupt existing industries or create new market segments

Leading Niche Technologies combines the mindset of venture capital and the high liquidity of financial markets in portfolio management. Exponential growth and a focus on business models are at the center of this approach.

Christian De Falco

Portfolio Manager

Reporting 2nd Half Year 2023

In the second half of 2023, technology companies experienced a wave of euphoria in connection with artificial intelligence, while at the same time interest rate expectations shifted significantly. Find out from our Portfolio Manager, Christian De Falco, how the management teams skillfully adapted to the new challenges and why the portfolio achieved a surprising outperformance despite weak economic growth and an interest rate hike cycle.

Video: Reporting 2nd Half Year 2023

older reportings

Reporting 1st quarter 2024

The quarterly update is a new, supplementary publication that appears for the 1st and 3rd quarters of the current year. Among other things, it gives you an insight into the portfolio composition, the return contributions and the current portfolio themes.

Leading Niche Technologies Reporting 1st quarter 2024 (only available in german)

Reporting 1st Half Year 2023

Since the launch of ChatGPT, the debate surrounding the application of artificial intelligence (AI) has been omnipresent. This new technology not only shapes the media landscape but also the financial markets. In our semi-annual report, our portfolio manager, Christian De Falco, discusses, among other things, how leading niche technology companies will benefit from AI and compares this cycle to past technology cycles.

Video: Reporting 1st Half Year 2023

Reporting 2nd Half Year 2022

Valuation correction and challenges due to the changed macroeconomic environment continued to dominate in H2 2022. Accordingly, our portfolio manager, Christian De Falco, addressed the extent to which a potential recession may affect the short-term fundamentals of companies, the extent to which companies are affected by the paradigm shift in capital allocation, and the investment theses and business models are intact.

Video: Reporting 2nd Half Year 2022

Reporting 1st Half Year 2022

Growth companies were in a significant correction in H1 2022. The current market environment is comparable to the Corona crash in March 2020 or even the financial crisis and internet bubble in 2000. Our Portfolio Manager, Christian De Falco, discusses the current environment, the portfolio, the changing paradigm towards cash flow positive growth, growth efficiency as well as the fundamental development of the companies in the video below.

Video: Reporting 1st Half Year 2022

Reporting 2nd Half Year 2021

The market environment for growth companies was extremely challenging in 2021. Our Portfolio Manager, Christian De Falco, discusses the portfolio’s performance, the issue of inflation in technology companies, the relevance of exponential growth and the opportunities in the Metaverse in the video below.

Video: Reporting 2nd Half Year 2021

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