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Reichmuth & Co Lecture Special

Interview with Professor em. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ernst Baltensperger

As part of a "special edition" of the Reichmuth & Co Lectures, Professor em. Dr. Dr. h.c. Ernst Baltensperger answered the questions of Prof. Dr. Christoph Schaltegger. The focus was on the topic of inflation.

Professor Baltensperger – a renowned expert in the field of Swiss monetary policy – takes the time to explain and elucidate the concept of inflation in an understandable way. In particular, he also explains how monetary policy mistakes have led to a strong risk of inflation in recent years. He warns forcefully how difficult it will be to correct the situation.

Small savers, whose savings are losing value due to a lack of interest and who are faced with general price increases, are particularly affected. Fortunately, the situation in Switzerland is not as bad as in the euro area due to the strong Swiss franc, Baltensperger explains. As a proven expert on Swiss and international monetary policy, Baltensperger draws parallels between our time and the 1920s (hyperinflation) and the 1970s (inflation in the United States). He also explains the particular challenges facing central banks today.

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