Pioneer of pension solutions

Reichmuth & Co is one of the pioneers of non-mandatory pension solutions in Switzerland. We are by our clients’ side with our more than 20 years of expertise in finance and pensions.

Our pension solutions

Innovative management retirement provision

The structure of the occupational pension plan into a basic pension plan and a management pension plan, allows for diversification of investments in the second pillar.

  • Self-determination of the investment strategy
  • Investment strategy tailored to needs
  • Tax optimization

Flexible vested benefits solutions

A vested benefit arises in the event of a pause in employment, a change of employer, the transfer of a divorce settlement or a definitive relocation abroad. Your advantages with our vested benefits solutions:

  • Reconciliation with private assets
  • Transparent
  • Individual

We will be happy to show you what your options are.


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«We are among the pioneers of customised pension solutions in Switzerland.»

Jürg Staub

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