Pioneering pension solutions

Reichmuth & Co is one of the pioneers of non-mandatory pension solutions in Switzerland. We are by our clients’ side with our more than 20 years of expertise in finance and pensions.


Innovative management retirement provision

Thanks to our splitting of occupational benefits provision into a basic pension fund and a management pension fund, we can diversify our investments in the second pillar.

  • Investment strategy can be determined by the client
  • Tailor-made investment strategy
  • Tax optimisation

«As an innovative and digitally savvy employer, we wanted to offer our employees a modern pension solution. Today, this is an asset when it comes to recruiting new talent.»

Flexible vested benefit solutions

Vested benefits arise in the event of an interruption of employment, a change of employer, the transfer of a divorce settlement or permanent relocation abroad. How you profit from our vested benefit solutions:

  • Harmonisation with private assets
  • Transparent
  • Tailor-made

«We decided to use our occupational benefits account to finance our mortgage. This interesting option allows us to take advantage of deductible interest payments which will ultimately flow back into our pension assets.»

Retirement and pension planning

Retirement planning is and remains one of the core pillars of our life cycle. We would be happy to advise you throughout all stages of your life to help you preserve your wealth over generations.

  • Career start
  • Asset accumulation
  • Pension planning
  • Asset transfer

«Thanks to early pension planning, I now have a clear overview of the things I have to do to optimise my finances for my impending retirement. That makes me feel secure and at ease.»


The Green Deal Race

With the Paris climate agreement, the majority of countries have committed themselves to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels. To achieve this goal, net greenhouse gas emissions would have to fall to zero by 2050. The challenges are considered immense. Can this environment also open up opportunities for investors?

Video Market Outlook 3rd Quarter

The global economy is picking up significantly and stock markets are at all-time highs. However, with the combination of ultra-expansionary monetary and fiscal policies and strong economic growth, inflationary pressures continue to rise.

The green revolution

Melting ice, rising water levels, extreme heat, forest fires and exceptional weather conditions are all consequences of climate change. The political will to address these challenges in a sustainable manner has matured into a top priority in recent years. To boost the economy after the Corona pandemic, many countries have set up gigantic infrastructure programs.