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Our ability lies in bringing people and money into harmony. We develop investment solutions that are individually and personally tailored to the client, taking into account integral aspects. Always with the goal of protecting, increasing and coherently aligning our clients’ assets.

To achieve this, we have extensive expertise in the development of excellent active investment solutions. Our forward-looking investment approach is based on a fundamental and critical assessment of the markets, informed by our independent opinion. With our investment strategy, we aim to achieve above-average and risk-adequate performance for our clients over a medium and long-term period.

Driven by the early recognition of our customers’ needs, we succeed time and again in developing groundbreaking innovations in niches quickly and easily and in taking on pioneering roles. Be it in the area of individualized pension solutions or infrastructure investments.

Working for Reichmuth & Co

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Senior Kundenverantwortliche(r) Private Banking in Zürich 100%

Kundenverantwortliche(r) Private Banking in Zürich 100%

Mitarbeiter(in) Wertschriftenadministration in Luzern 100%

IT-Projektleiter(in) in Luzern 100%

Aktienanalyst(in) in Luzern 100%

Infrastructure Client Relations (m/w) in Zürich 100%

Senior Kundenverantwortliche(r) Private Banking St. Gallen 100%

Junior Analyst(in) in Luzern 50%

Asset Manager Infrastructure (m/w) in Zürich 80-100%


Michèle Trachsel

Head of Personnel