Modular approach

A modular approach gives you the option of investing efficiently in standardised investment profiles with various equity weightings. However, you can also incorporate the specific needs of your foundation on topics such as asset allocation, regional preferences and dividend focus. This will allow you to build a diversified portfolio even with smaller amounts and change or adjust your investment strategy both quickly and cost-effectively.


Guidelines based on risk profile

We ask specific questions to ascertain together the risk appetite and risk tolerance of your foundation. This helps us to create guidelines on how to select and allocate assets appropriately.

Needs-based allocation

Depending on the risk profile and needs of your foundation, you can invest in a standardised or tailored solution.

Efficient investing

We build your portfolio efficiently from carefully selected collective investments. This not only keeps costs low but also reduces the number of transactions.

Periodic or ad-hoc adjustments

Based on your risk profile and needs, you can choose a predefined, diversified investment profile. These profiles come with predetermined equity weightings that are periodically rebalanced.

Tailored modular concept

As part of our tailored modular approach, we work with you to develop the portfolio structure that is right for your foundation and adapt the asset allocation to your needs and goals. We build your portfolio efficiently and transparently from carefully selected collective investments.

Standardised modular concept

Our standardised modular approach is ideal if you want your investments to focus more on benchmarks. You can choose from various predefined investment profiles with different levels of equity exposure. You can also switch between different investment profiles quickly and efficiently. However, please note that you cannot make specific investments with this approach.


Which modular solution makes more sense for my foundation?

A standardised approach is ideal if you already have a clear idea of what percentage of your foundation’s asset you would like to be allocated to equity and are looking to build a portfolio close to a benchmark. Moreover, you can change to a different risk profile with a higher or lower equity weighting at any time.

A tailored approach, on the other hand, gives you more freedom and allows you to not only design your entire asset allocation but also take regional preferences into account and invest in specific megatrends.

What are the advantages of modular approaches compared with a completely tailored investment solution?

Our modular concept allows you to invest in an efficient and diversified investment solution even with smaller amounts. You can also make any changes to your strategy quickly without additional transaction costs.

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