Investment solutions

We can help you find the right solutions to achieve your foundation’s goals.

We have been helping foundation clients do exactly that for more than 20 years. Our experience shows that the investment needs of foundations differ from those of private and institutional clients and can vary dramatically, which is why we offer a full range of solutions – from standardised to tailored. Let us find out together how we can best achieve your foundation’s financial goals.

Tailored investment solutions

Do you have specific wishes in mind when it comes to distribution yield, ESG focus, impact investing or anything else? If so, the tailored route is almost certainly the right choice to achieve your foundation’s goals.

Different foundations have hugely different requirements when it comes to their investment solutions. That is why we offer a full range of solutions – from standardised to tailored and everything in between.

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Modular approach

We offer standardised and tailored investment solutions that allow you to adapt your portfolio to suit your unique needs and goals.


My foundation would like to donate 3% of revenue generated a year. Will this influence the investment strategy?

Yes, this is an important factor to consider when building a portfolio. Given the long time horizon, it makes sense for foundations to focus on real assets that generate strong cash flow. Of course, you also have to take into account other issues, including how much volatility you are willing to accept.

Do you take ESG criteria into account when investing?

We have a clear and transparent process for ESG in our investment instruments. However, we can also address any specific ESG needs when tailoring investments as part of an asset management mandate. This might involve excluding certain sectors and individual stocks or focusing on specific ESG components when selecting stocks.

Do you exercise voting rights?

Yes, we fulfil our duty to exercise voting rights on behalf of our clients. We also strive to proactively point out deficiencies and contribute ideas (e.g. in terms of corporate governance or transparency), especially when it comes to smaller Swiss companies that we have known for many years and whose management teams we regularly meet.

Do you claim back withholding taxes?

We claim back withholding taxes on all our collective investments, provided that it is possible and worthwhile for investors. When it comes to tailored asset management mandates, we discuss with you whether it would make sense.


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