Forward-looking investment approach

Our forward-looking investment approach is based on a fundamental and critical assessment of the markets, which is shaped by our independent opinion.

«Our independent approach and our critical stance towards the state are the key to successful investment activity.»

Christof Reichmuth

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Our core beliefs

Long-term focus

Our primary goal is the real preservation of assets over generations.

Active management

Markets are inefficient and market participants often act irrationally.


We pride ourselves on our independent approach and our critical stance towards the state.


We offer Swiss asset management with high service and product standards.

Reichmuth Privatbankiers St Gallen Schweiz

Thinking in terms of scenarios

Markets are not efficient and people are not rational either. That is why we think in terms of scenarios, which we use to develop a forward-looking investment strategy. Our scenarios are based on a detailed market analysis with a focus on fundamental data and valuations.

Value-focused investing

Value and price are not the same thing and the market is prone to overreacting. That is why our investment decisions focus on the value of each individual asset. During periods of negative overreactions or market turmoil we act counter-cyclically. We also avoid general market euphoria.

Robust real values

When selecting real value, we prefer companies with a strong market position, first-class products, clean balance sheets and a clear management strategy. In niche areas, we go for external managers with long, successful track records who share our values.


Dr. Matthias Ramser



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