Estate planning and lifetime asset transfer

Planning how to pass assets on to the next generation is something we all need to address. We are here to support you in the early transfer of assets, whether you bequeath them, give them away, or put them in a foundation.

Smart estate planning

You and your individual needs are our priority. You state your wishes and goals. We listen to you and develop a comprehensive, optimised concept that is tailored to your personal starting position, your individual wishes (e.g. security for your spouse or life partner, inheritances for godchildren, etc.), your asset structure and the official framework conditions that apply.


As part of implementing the concept, we draw up the necessary documents and assist you with structuring your assets. Estate planning arrangements are always based on a snapshot. We therefore remind you to review your arrangements at regular intervals. Our reminder service ensures that you will never miss a detail.

Asset transfer

Would you like to provide a child with an advance inheritance or transfer shares in the family business or your real estate now? While such transfers can strengthen family bonds, they may also lead to disagreements between children later on. We offer advice on planning and create transparency.

Representation of heirs

Dissolving a community of heirs (without execution of a will) requires time and expertise. We provide advice to the members of the community and draw up the contract of division, acting on behalf of all heirs.

Execution of the will

If you wish, we will act as executor for your estate. The executor’s role is to administer the estate until it is divided up, carry out the division in accordance with your last will and perform administrative duties. If necessary, we mediate between heirs and find compromise solutions.


Astrid Niederberger



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