Administrative services

The administrative work required of foundations is constantly growing and small and medium-sized foundations in particularly often struggle with numerous time-consuming tasks and significant challenges. That is why we recommend exploring more efficient processes and solutions. We are more than happy to show you our comprehensive service package, which can help relieve you of all this work. You can rely on us and our dependable processes. Naturally, we will always keep you up to date but only as often as you wish or as is necessary and appropriate depending on the circumstances.

Administrative services

Payments and transactions

We take care of all your donation payments and invoice transactions. You can rest assured transactions will be reliably processed and settled and accurate documentation kept.

Accounting and auditing

We can directly handle everything relating to both accounting and auditing. We claim back and monitor withholding tax each year. In addition, we can prepare your annual report and communicate with the auditors on your behalf. Our efficient processes are designed to save you time so that you can focus on your projects.

Board meetings

Foundation board meetings must be clearly documented. We can prepare agendas for your board meetings, conduct them with you and then draw up the minutes. And you will not miss any important dates as we can keep track of them for you and make any necessary preparations ahead of time.

Foundation supervisory authority

Once the annual report is available, we can take care of the annual reporting (submission of accounts) to the relevant supervisory authority in good time – whether as a physical copy or in a digital format.

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