Flexible vested benefits solution

With our vested benefits foundations PensFree and Independent, our clients benefit while on a stay abroad or career break.

With our vested benefits foundations PensFree and Independent, our customers benefit from tax-privileged advantages up to five years after reaching ordinary retirement age.

Your Benefits

Personal investment strategy

Depending on your personal risk capacity and risk appetite, we offer you numerous mixed strategy profiles from investment foundations and investment funds. For larger pension asset volumes, we offer investment strategies via either funds or single securities. In the event of retirement or permanent departure from Switzerland, you can transfer the securities from the retirement custodian account to your private assets free of charge. 

Flexible lump-sum withdrawal

When the pension assets are withdrawn, the selected investment strategy can also be continued in the private assets. This extends the investment horizon.

Low withholding tax rate

Benefit from the tax-attractive environment of the foundation’s domicile in the canton of Schwyz.

Tax privilege

You do not pay any wealth tax on all the capital accumulated. Nor do you pay any income tax on the dividend and interest rate income from your pension capital.

Additional risk insurance

If required, there is the possibility of insuring gaps in insurance in the event of death and individuality efficiently and cost-effectively.


Marco Danelli

Head of Pension