Innovative management retirement provision

Our management retirement provision offers a flexible pension plan that enables our clients to set up a company pension scheme. This can be tailored to meet the needs of the company and its employees. We provide management retirement provision through the PensFlex as well as PensUnit collective foundation we have established.

Your Benefits

Voluntary purchases

Future provisions is a means of investing in a tax-free setting. You do not pay any wealth tax on all the capital accumulated. Nor do you pay any income tax on the dividend and interest rate income from your pension capital. Voluntary purchases are therefore worthwhile. You can also improve your personal retirement provision by closing any shortfalls while reducing your taxable income, i.e. tax burden.

Personal investment strategy

Depending on your personal risk capacity and risk appetite, we offer you numerous mixed strategy profiles from investment foundations and investment funds. For larger pension asset volumes, we offer investment strategies via either funds or single securities. In the event of retirement or permanent departure from Switzerland, you can transfer the securities from the retirement custodian account to your private assets free of charge. 

Pension pot can be used to fund home ownership

A homeowner usually takes a mortgage from a bank and pays interest on the loan. However, with the “IST2 Hypotheken Wohnen” investment group of the IST2 Investment Foundation, many insured parties invest part of their pension capital in the same fund and receive a corresponding mortgage as a private person.

Benefits for employees

A well-structured management pension scheme is an important remuneration package component. Tax-optimised management pension provision is an important criterion for a growing number of managers. 

Full transparency

With our solutions, our customers receive full transparency regarding the achieved investment results as well as the associated costs.

No reallocations

In our management retirement provision, you save on your own responsibility. There is no reallocations to other insured persons or cross-subsidisation in favor of pensioners.


Marco Danelli

Head of Pension