Our approach is based on four key pillars which shape our approach to infrastructure investments. Our goal is to offer our investors long-term, stable returns in a diversified portfolio of infrastructure investments – but never losing sight of security, growth potential and sustainability.

How we put our investment strategy into practice

Attractive sectors

We invest in transport, energy and waste management infrastructure along the entire value chain. We strongly believe these sectors are not only important drivers of the energy transition and decarbonisation but will also require large amounts of investment with attractive expected returns.

Established projects

We prefer infrastructure investments with minimised operating risks, regular cash flows and stable long-term returns.


We spread the risk by not only investing in various individual projects, but also teaming up with different partners – to build a robust portfolio.

Long-standing partnerships

Our close collaboration with industrial partners in Switzerland and Europe forms the backbone of our strategy. We work together to develop infrastructure projects with growth potential and a sustainable impact.

Infrastructure investments

Direct investments in forward-looking transport and energy and waste disposal infrastructure opens up access to stable returns and distributions.