Reichmuth & Co pursues a stable and defensive investment strategy in its infrastructure investments. When selecting investments, our infrastructure experts largely exclude companies’ operational risks, above-average project risks and aggressive capital structures. We focus on first-class assets in sectors we are familiar with and concentrate on strategic joint ventures.

Industry focus

We invest in transport, energy and waste disposal infrastructure in Switzerland and Europe. We achieve stable returns and distributions in these sectors with long-term fee models and purchase agreements.


Transport investments can be made in the rail, road, shipping and aviation sectors. We focus on investments with a low cyclical component, private sector exposure and distributions that are as stable as possible.

Energy & Waste Disposal

Attractive investment opportunities are on offer in the supply and disposal segment due to climate and environmental protection and the associated energy transition (electricity and heating transition) that is under way. Of interest here are energy supply systems (e.g. renewable energies) and the waste disposal sector.

What we do

Target market

We specialise in investments in Switzerland and Europe.


We focus on high-quality infrastructure investments.

Time horizon

We make long-term investments in promising markets and segments.


We invest in infrastructure that forms the foundations for a functioning economy.

«We focus on medium-sized infrastructure investments that stand out for their stability and economic importance.»

Dr. Stefan Hasenböhler

Head of Infrastructure

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