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Legal information with regard to InRoll AG:
An investment in the shares of InRoll AG is subject to certain risks and only suitable for investors that can understand and bear the risks in question. Before investors enter into any transaction, they should determine whether the shares are appropriate to their specific circumstances. They should also independently examine the particular risks involved (market risk, currency risk, operational risk, etc.) as well as the legal, regulatory, tax and accounting implications – if necessary in consultation with their professional advisers. InRoll AG provides no recommendations on the suitability of the shares for specific investors, nor any guarantees as to their future performance.
This quarterly report does not constitute an issue prospectus pursuant to Art. 652a or Art. 1156 of the Swiss Code of Obligations, a prospectus or a simplified prospectus in accordance with the Federal Act on Collective Investment Schemes (CISA), or a listing prospectus in accordance with Art. 27 et. seq. of the Listing Rules of SIX Swiss Exchange. The company’s articles of association and the relevant resolution of the general meeting of shareholders are the sole parameters governing any capital increases. InRoll AG is not subject to supervision by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA. Investors are not therefore protected by CISA.
In no jurisdiction may the shares of InRoll AG be offered publicly or in any other way that would oblige the issuers or third parties to produce or register prospectuses or offering documentation in the jurisdiction in question.
Neither this document nor copies thereof may be sent or taken to the United States, or distributed within the United States or to US persons. In a number of other countries, distribution may be restricted on the basis of local legislation or guidelines. This document is issued for information purposes only and for the sole use of the recipient. It may not be reproduced in whole or in part without written consent from InRoll AG.
Sole responsibility for the contents of this fact sheet lies with InRoll AG. Reichmuth & Co Investment Management AG and the other members of the Reichmuth Group, as well as the bodies and employees thereof, accept no responsibility in this regard.
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Legal information with regard to limited partnerships for collective investment (KGK):
The information and opinions published in this document constitute neither an invitation nor an offer or a recommendation to use a service, to buy or sell investment instruments, or to perform any other transaction.
The investment vehicle mentioned in this document involves risk and is not suitable for every investor. The document is not intended to provide investment advice or a basis for decision-making, and represents no financial, legal, tax and/or any other recommendation whatsoever. It does not replace the qualified advice that is necessary before every purchase decision, particularly with regard to any associated risks.
No investment or any other decisions should be taken on the basis of this document. Please note that indications with regard to future performance may not be taken as liability or a warranty, whether express or implied, regarding future performance.
Reichmuth & Co Investment Management AG accepts no responsibility and provides no guarantee that the information in this document is error-free.
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