Reichmuth Pilatus

Successful thanks to innovation and value culture?

With Reichmuth Pilatus, we have been investing in innovative Swiss small companies for almost 25 years – a true success story. In this video you can see how we got there, on what we put emphasize on with respect to stock selection and how we generally manage this particular portfolio.

Video: Reichmuth Pilatus – Successful thanks to innovation and value culture? (only in German)

«The ‘human’ factor plays a central role in the selection of stocks; this is true for the company’s management, its board of directors and other stakeholders.»

Silvan Betschart

Research, Head of Investment Policy


Philipp Murer

Portfolio Management


Energy – the topic of the decade

Europe wanted to become the first climate-neutral continent and achieve net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. The boot is now on the other foot, with energy security the dominant issue and likely to preoccupy politics and society for years to come.

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Video Market Outlook 3rd Quarter 2022

Western stock markets lost around 20% in the first half of the year. Bonds also had little diversifying effect – the Swiss bond index also lost over 10%. Measured against the Pictet BVG 40 Index, a mixed portfolio thus lost around 14% during this period.

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25 years Reichmuth Pilatus

Our Reichmuth Pilatus fund celebrates its 25th anniversary. We had the pleasure of welcoming around 100 guests to the anniversary. Speakers from companies we know well gave interesting and informative insights into their current environment.

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