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Integral consolidation

With the e-Connect mobile app from Reichmuth & Co, you can easily view personal assets, their performance, potential opportunities and risks, etc., both for individual portfolios and for integral overall consolidation.

Easy access

Using a simple and secure login via fingerprint or Face ID, the e-Connect mobile app offers convenient access to your own personalised asset overview.

Always up to date

In addition to accessing our latest market commentaries, you can use the mobile app to communicate directly with your personal client relationship manager via a secure channel and stay informed about any changes that affect
you directly.

Accessible everywhere

With the e-Connect mobile app from Reichmuth & Co, you can keep an eye on your assets around the clock, no matter where you are. Check price changes and account balances, and review your portfolio’s performance.

Download and benefit

You can use the mobile app with your existing e-banking access. Our customer advisors will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

«An increasing number of customers appreciate the secure and personal e-banking access and its advantages.»

Remy Reichmuth

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